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In 1991, opening up of the petroleum sector to private enterprise spurred the company to expand with another plant put up in Daman to back up the plant in Vasai to meet increasing demands. Sah Petroleums Limited became a listed company in 2004 to further meet its expansion plans. The company made rapid strides into the Industrial & OEM lubricants, rubber process oils and export markets

In the year 2005 IPOL made a strong entry into the automotive lubricant retail markets, growing rapidly till date. IPOL has introduced several specialty products over the years.

The Evolution of IPOL Brand

Backed by strong commitment:

Over the years, the IPOL brand logo has evolved in line with the dynamic growth of the company. The new brand logo represents the vibrant and friendly nature and the assurance IPOL brings to her customers. The upward arrow of IPOL is now propelled by a vibrant vermillion which represents the energetic nature of the company, adding power to the efforts for betterment. The pure yellow is characteristic of the optimism the company generates for its customers.